Dental Health Plan

Dental Health Plan
We offer our own in house private dental health plan. If you currently do not have dental insurance, or you are unhappy with your current insurance, our in house dental plan is for you. here is how it works

Members Fees:
$275 / year, per individual
$185/ year, Additional family members

The dental health plan will cover:
- Two comprehensive exams per year.
- Two regular adult or child cleanings per year.
- Bitewing x-rays series
- Emergency dental X-rays
- Consultations

All other dental treatments:
-Our office plan will cover all the exams, all the X-rays and the regular cleaning (not deep cleanings) throughout the year of your  enrollment.
- 20% off all dental fillings
- 10% off all the other dental procedures.
* All services are available at this office only, not to be used in conjunction with any other dental plans, or dental insurances.

To get more information about our dental health plan, please call our office at:301-972-1600